Things to know

The website is barebones at the moment, but we will have it looking pretty soon (well, we'll find someone who is good at making it look pretty...I am a pimento cheese maker not a designer). 



1) Orders placed by Sunday will be delivered to you by the following Friday.

2) The pimento cheese freezes very well. It will probably be frozen when it arrives at your house. Put the containers you want to use right away in the fridge to thaw. Put the containers you want to eat later in the freezer and put them in the fridge the day before you want to use them so that they can thaw properly. 

3) We can only ship to places that fall within FedEx two day ground range with Nashville as the starting point. Anything further afield has to go by air and the shipping costs immediately jump to the $80.00 range.  

4) The Spicier and Savory pimento cheeses are very new and we are waiting to get their official labels printed. We will put stickers on them to indicate that they are Spicier and Savory and not the Spicy that will be on the label. The ingredient labels are the same for all three. We changed the spices to make each what it is. 

5) Keep BISCUITS and GOUGERES in the freezer. They do not need to be thawed before cooking. 

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