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Orders placed by Sunday will arrive at your house by the following Friday.


Please note: we have changed the composition of the box a little bit to incorporate the cinnamon rolls (instead of two bags of gougeres, there will now be one bag and four individual cinnamon rolls.)


In our sampler pack you will get one bag of gougères (60-70 gougères per bag),  one bag of each size of biscuit (18-20 lg biscuits, 30-40 med biscuits, and 50-60 small biscuits), two containers of each of our Savory, Spicy, and Spicier pimento cheeses, and four of our individual Damma Good cinnamon rolls.  . The retail price for this selection would be $110.89. The pimento cheese in each selection may freeze in transport. This is fine. Let the containers of cheese you wish to eat right away thaw in the refrigerator (do not thaw on the counter top). Cheese that you wish to save for later can be put into the freezer. When you are ready to use the containers, thaw them overnight in the refrigerator. 




Professor Bailey's Sampler Pack Large

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